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Ok, we haven’t done any links in a while, and as it’s Christmas Eve, this seems a fine place to use them to kill time until the Turkey’s done. We start out with Season’s Greetings from the Once And Former Dr. Who, who seems to have a weird obsession with spending his yuletide in the UK:

And after the jump, more stuff and things

First up, we’ve got the sort of thing that makes R2’s heart thump dangerously out of time: a quantum mechanical drive system that gives propulsion with no loss of mass. It’s got phrases/concepts like "magnetoelectric quantum wheel", how can you not love it?

Second, here’s the correct spelling of the word “Vaccume” or “Vacuume” or however the hell it’s spelled. I’m putting it up here because it always trips me up, and I imagine it probably happens to some of you, too. My inability to consistently spell the word had serious personal repercussions in my life some years ago when I attempted to open a Vakume Cleaner shop - a very good investment, it seemed - but I got so self-conscious about my inability to spell the word, and the cost of spelling it incorrectly on the sign that I ended up calling the store “Things That Suck,” and, well, as you can imagine, business wasn’t exactly booming.

Thirdly, wow, this is weird, isn’t it? It seems that Frank Frazetta’s son actually robbed him (Frank) of some of his paintings.

We don’t entirely believe in human-caused climate change here at the ‘Bot. We don’t think it’s impossible, mind you, we just aren’t convinced that it’s happening, or that we’re the cause of it at this time. (Though if someone painted Antarctica black, obviously that’d be a plausible cause) We’re open to being proven wrong, however, and we hope to interview a pale climatologist on the site about this fairly soon. In the meantime, here’s a vaguely disturbing article linking the hysteria about climate change with that mainstay of 70s liberalism: mandatory population controls. (Need I point out that the population of Russia, Japan, and most Western European countries are actually *Shrinking* already?


Some of you might remember the “Visions of Sound” story we serialized some months back. (And if you didn’t, we’re going to republish it in one block for easier readability early next year). Well, here’s an interesting story about how *some* people can use their skin as a sort of external tympanium - basically they can kinda’ sorta’ hear with it - which is sort of neat

And finally, here's a vaguely pseudo-scientific-sounding attempt by the Liberal Left to hold on to "The Afterlife" while getting rid of all that pesky "God" and "Religion" business:

And that’s about it for now.

Merry Christmas to all of you who are inexplicably reading this now rather than doing something more productive and family oriented!