BREAKING NEWS:BBCAmerica to Air 'Doctor Who' specials

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In a move that is mildly surprising, the American arm of the BBC (fittingly named BBC America) will be the network to premiere the five Doctor Who inter-season specials starring David Tennant before his character morphs into an even younger actor. (At this rate, he'll be played by a toddler in a couple of regenerations)
Variety's story here

Translation for those for whom Variety's abuse of the English language is intolerable:

BBC America snatched the specials from the claws of Syfy. Both channels currently run Doctor Who reruns. Up until now, Syfy had first run rights, and BBC America ran them about one season back.

The first special "The Next Doctor" (reviewed here, spoilers), will air on BBC America on June 27th at 9pm. "Planet of the Dead" (reviewed here, spoilers) will air in July, with the others to follow.

Apparently for the new Doctor Who series, there will actually be a battle, as the new BBC America head would really like to keep Doctor Who in the BBC family. However, that may not be a done deal, as BBC America actually has to outbid any Stateside networks for the rights to shows that it's sister networks in the UK show. The show has been a success for the former Sci-Fi network, and SyFy might not let it go back to BBC America (my, that's unwieldy. Needs a nickname) so easily. This labyrinthine arrangement is due to how BBC Worldwide (of which BBC America is a part) funds itself.

No matter where it ends up, we'll continue to cover the Doctor's exploits on Republibot!