BREAKING NEWS: "V" and "Flash Forward" ain't dead yet, and neither is Stargate Universe

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The Futon Critic is reporting that the two most prominent on-the-bubble genre shows at the moment have gotten orders for more episodes. Specifically:

"V" - which halted production after just five episodes were filmed - will be going back before the cameras and will ultimately be filming twelve episodes this season. The show has been lingering in a kind of 'is it dead or is it not' programming purgatory after the Network became increasingly uncomfortable with the state of the scripts, and critics became increasingly uncomfortable with script elements they perceived as slights against the Obama administration. Despite a not-entirely-undeserved critical drubbing (The show has yet to really find its feet), the program got impressive Sweeps ratings, and will return in March for another sweeps week and another block of four episodes, as ABC continues to try out the weird programming tactic they've invented for this show.

Curiously, "V" had initially been picked up for a short tryout season of 13 episodes. The revised order from ABC only allows for 12.

"Flash Forward" - started out with the biggest fanfare of any new show this season, a massive PR push, which resulted in pretty massive ratings for the first episode, which, alas, began to rapidly erode just two weeks later. Just like V, there's been a lot of backstage drama, with new showrunners brought in, old ones fired, and various flacks trying to put as good a spin as possible on the unavoidable fact that "FF" is a brilliant *concept* for a show, but Flash Forward itself just isn't very good TV. The network confirmed that FF will be cranking out 24 episodes this year.

Curiously, "Flash Forward" had been picked up for an abnormaly long season of 25 episodes, but the episode order for this show has been reduced by one, just like "V." Related? Well, duh, they're on the same network.

Both shows will return in March. "V" should have a somewhat different feel as soon as it comes back, as for "Flash Forward," the behind-the-scenes changes should become visible around episode 14 or so. It's too early to tell whether either show will make it to a second season, but my hunch is that FF definitely will not, but "V" might.


Also, GinRummy has informed me that Stargate Universe has been picked up for a second season. Unlike "V" and "Flash Forward," it wasn't ever in any real danger of cancellation before the end of its first season - Syfy tends to run an entire year of shows, even if it's a bomb. Remember Flash Gordon? - but the show hasn't been a ratings bonanza for them, and it's not entirely a crowd-pleaser either. It's nice to see it's coming back, and this article here gives some broad hints about the next 30 episodes.