BREAKING NEWS: Unsurprisingly, I'm Wrong Again - The Venture Brothers Gets Two More Seasons

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Regular readers will recall back in November, when The Venture Brothers season finale aired, and I proclaimed it the somewhat anticlimactic series finale. Jackson Publick himself elliptically called me on this, since the show hadn't been cancelled. I apologized publicly here, and privately to Publick via email (Which I have no reason to assume he ever got).

Then we got hit by some trolls who attacked us for being wrong, and I apologized again. This seemed to sort of confuse them, since I wasn't fighting back (And why would I? I'm not a liar, just a fool), so they wandered off and presumably went back to rolling little old ladies in parking lots, or whatever it is trolls do the rest of the time.

I was totally wrong. I was listening to rumor. It was irresponsible. There's a big difference between "Not cancelled" and "Renewed," however, and I had my doubts. With all due respect to Doc and Jackson and the Trolls themselves, it still seemed like an odds-on favorite that they were goners even if it wasn't official. Which, you may recall, I wasn't happy about: the second half of the last season was a vast improvement over the first half, and though I didn't like the finale, I felt like they'd found their footing again. Had they really honest-and-for-true gotten the axe in the first half of the year, I wouldn't have cared, the show had lost me. In the second half, when I thought they were dead, I was upset because they'd won me back.

Well, I'm happy to announce *YET AGAIN* that I was completely, totally, irresponsibly wrong again:

The Venture Brothers is back for two more years!

Jackson Publick reports it officially here

AICN reports it here essentially repeating Publick verbatim

Wiki makes a brief mention of it here

So: in the unlikely event anyone connected to the show stumbles across our infamous little site: Congratulations, guys! Good job, I'm very much looking forward to it.

On a personal note, I wonder if "Archer" had anything to do with this decision? That's kind of a popular show, it's mining a similar vein...if CN was on the fence, I wonder if a competitor might have been a motivating factor?