(BREAKING NEWS) New Doctor Announced!

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The new Actor to play the next incarnation of the Doctor has been named- it's British actor Matt Smith, the youngest actor to ever play the role. As soon as I can filter through all the noise, I'll find a picture and post it.

(Matt Smith? What, they couldn't find a John Smith?)

UPDATE: Found Picture. .

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Who is the Doctor?

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This will be interesting - I have never heard of him, but that isn't saying much since he is british. My only problem is that he is bit too classical looking, and the Doctors are usually a bit off looks wise which I find a bit more endearing and everyman like.

Certainly not who I was expecting.

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I recognize him from the "Sally Lockhart" adventures (acting opposite Billy Piper). He didn't make a huge impression on me, but he wasn't at all bad. I admit I'm having a little bit of trouble remembering which character he was, the love interest or the plucky young hanger-on. I think he was the hanger on, but I'm not sure.

In any event, I totally lost this bet: I expected it to either be a black dude, or that kid with the big ears from the Titanic Xmas special a year back. Shows how out of touch I am.

Good job getting this info so early on, 2.0! Well done!

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Something mildly problematic...

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You know what could be a problem for them? We've got a new doctor and no companions. They've done New Doctor/New Companion before, and the show always falters when it happens. It's much easier for them if we've got an established companion who hangs around for a while so we can transition from old Doctor to New Who.

Easily rectified if the current Doctor picks up a companion in the next 3 specials, I guess, or if his wife returns...still

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Nice nose

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Got a bit of the old Roger Waters schnozz going.