BREAKING NEWS: Kings is dead, long live the Kings

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Geez, what a week I'm having. First JG Ballard dies, and now NBC has pulled Kings from their schedule. They plan on burning off the remaining episodes during the summer doldrums - June and July - probably with the typical lack of fanfare and respect that NBC has treated the show with thus far.

Honestly, I don't know how or why they do this - the show costs $4 an EPISODE! They've blown $44 million on the episodes they've already produced, plus another ten million on the pilot. You'd think they'd want a shot at earning some of that money back.

Yeah, it's a weird show and a tough sell to both fundamentalists and kneejerk atheists, as we've discussed, but it's the good kind of buzz-worthy weird, and it's gotten some great great great reviews. It's like nothing else on TV. It's not like they gave it a fair shot and it tanked, it's more like they flushed a whole bunch of money down the crapper on a whim, then decided to brick up that bathroom and never use it again. Keep in mind that this show was being groomed as a replacement for ER on the thursday night lineup, then they lost faith in it, effectively cancelling it before it ever even hit the air and exiled it to the Sunday night death slot.

The life of an SF fan is frought with frustration and lots of 13-episode unfinished stories, but there's really only two in the last ten years I've really felt cheated by - Kings and Firefly.