BREAKING NEWS: I'm Now A Published Author!

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It took eleven months to do it, but I am now officially a published author. My book first book, "Ice Cream and Venom," became available for sale on Amazon this morning.

Well, I guess I'm a "Published Author, J.G." ("Junior Grade") in that it's only an E-book. Just the same: something I wrote is now available for sale online. If I were any happier, I'd be triplets!

It's available for download for 99 cents. Why not support an overweight starving artist like myself, and buy a copy?

It's available for sale here:

Feel free to write a review on Amazon, if you like. (Preferably a positive one, but, hey, go with your heart.)

If you don't actually *HAVE* a Kindle, or comparable reader, you can download "Kindle for PC" and read E-books on your computer. That application is available here


So this is curious: I got a call from R2 around three hours ago excitedly telling me that my book had a ranking among e-books sold. It was on two lists, the "Science Fiction Short Story" list and the "Science Fiction Anthology" list. I was like, "Oh, yeah, what is it, nine-hundred thousandth?"

Nope, it was #41 on the former, and #51 on the latter! It was ranked above books by Arthur C. Clarke and a Bradbury anthology, and below one PKDick collection, but above another one. Very weird. I don't anticipate any great fame or fortune from this, I just assume it means other people's books are selling really slow.

Sure enough, I decided to look at it again during a commercial break in Dr. Who, and it's now # 52 in "Short Stories" (Between "Last and First Men" by Oalf Stapleton, and "Best of the Sci-Fi vintage pulp 1952 short stories by Isaac Asimov) on the Short Story list and # 65 (Between Stapleton's book again, and something called "Best" by A.R. Curtis, and two above "I, Robot") on the Anthologies list.

So that means nothing, of course, but it's still interesting enough to make my coal-black little heart beat a bit.


A day later, and my book has sunk to #88,931 in sales.