Betraying And Murdering Your Franchise

Mama Fisi
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As if it's not bad enough that Lucasfilm is talking about making a TV series that's basically going to be "The Sopranos" in space, now they're including an expansion module for their "Star Wars: The Old Republic" video game that features a planet where players can engage in same-sex relationships.

Of course, in the "Star Wars" universe, where siblings can swap smooches, same species relationships are something of an anomaly, too.

Oddly, people are annoyed not so much by the inclusion of "same gender relationships, or SGR's" as they are by the fact that these hook-ups are segregated to a single planet.

Gee, and I was worried about kids learning bad lessons from "Grand Theft Auto."

Well, I guess that the Old Republic really did fall because it was rotten from within, like a great old tree, as it said in the prologue of the novel "Star Wars." This proves it.