AWAY GAME: Republibot 3.0 Interview on the I Love Dean Martin Website!

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I've been interviewed! Damndest thing!

As you all know, at the behest of our friend Dean Martin Peters, I've been reviewing the Matt Helm spy movies starring Dean Martin for the last three weeks (And the fourth one will run on Friday. And there's something the friday after that, too). Mr. Peters and I got to talking about the late, great, mighty mighty Dean Martin, and he's posted an interview with me on his site where we talk about the Rat Packer himself, my youthful exposure to strategically naked women via watching his movies, my singing career, and a lengthy discussion about the Stainless Steel Rat, and movies Dino never made, but should have.

There's also some entirely gratuitious mentions of James Garner.

Check it out here!