...And I'm Back [UPDATED]

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...And I'm back. Last Monday I discussed how burned out I was, and how I and the site need your help. So what have we decided? Well, I'll let you know under the jump.


(Whups, sorry about that. Hit the wrong "publish" button)

Ok, well actually the time off did a lot of good. I'm feeling recharged, and we got a lot of suggestions, both specific and general. One person volunteered for a staff writer position, one person volunteered to do promotions for us, we had several suggestions on content. That's all the big stuff.

Several other people expressed interest in doing something on an occasional basis - the odd book or movie review, maybe picking up a TV series in the spring or fall, that kind of thing - which we are eternally grateful for.

All these things are pretty much Godsends for me and my aching fingers and feeble mind. Thank you all, thank you thank you thank you a thousand times. There aren't really adequate words to express how much it meant to me that you folks care about this site, and are willing to step up. I appreciate it more than I can say.

If anyone else has any suggestions or questions or ideas, please contact me at three@republibot.com

Thank you again, folks. Thank you!