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On Writing: Playing God With Your Creations

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Don't kill your darlings.  Torture them instead--it's much more fun!

Not too long ago, we had a short discussion here about whether or not writers are gods.  I'm of the opinion that we are--at least so far as being creators of universes, and the beings that populate them.  We give life and form to collections of words, and through the skill of our magic, we get other people to believe in our creations, to care about what happens to them, and to become emotionally involved with people and places that don't really exist.


Modern Storytelling vs Old Style.

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The subject of how TV series stories used to be episodic, versus today's multi-story arcs, popped up in the discussion on "Where Star Trek started to go wrong", and I thought about addressing it there, but then I thought it deserved its own discussion.


Each style has its good points, and its bad points. I'd like to explore them now.


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