MOVIE REVIEW: Cowboys and Aliens

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“Cowboys and Aliens” is a fun movie, if not one that’ll change your life in any noticable way. The title pretty much tells you what the movie will be about. Still, it’s been so long since we saw a cowboy movie–let alone cowboys who had thoughts that originated above the waist–that I was glad to see men (and woman) a-horseback again.

The movie starts with James Bond waking up in the desert, shoeless, yet accessorized by a really snazzy bracelet.


RETROSPECULATIVE TV: Man From Atlantis: “Shootout At Land’s End” (Season 2, Episode 6)

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I guess if I had to pick one thing about the ocean as my favorite - wow, it’d be hard to choose, wouldn’t it? - I guess, probably the thing I like most about it is the preponderance of time-portals that litter the sea floor, allowing passage to the 1880s, although gateways to alternate dimensions populated only by NBA stars is probably a close second. How about you? What’s your favorite thing about the ocean.

Yeah, that’s right, kids, Man From Atlantis’ crazy rollercoaster ride from interesting idea to utter incoherence is definitely coming to a middle. Check this crap out:


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