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Review LaMB

It being summer and all the teachers being out of the high school I work at I’ve had the opportunity catch up on my movies and find new things while I’m working.  LaMB is one of the new things I’ve discovered (Hulu seems to be a veritable treasure trove for interesting independent scifi offerings), and it has an interesting premise.  Apparently humanity has trashed the Earth and has had to head out into space to find a new place to live, rather like Firefly and several other scifi movies, shows, stories.


BSG News: The Young Admiral Adama, and Caprica

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We were supposed to have like two more months until Caprica came back, but they decided to burn off the final ten episodes before the end of the year, before the actor's contracts expire, *Just In Case* they decide to sign it for a second year. - seriously, is this a textbook 'troubled' series or what? - I thought I'd regale you of some fairly old BSG news.


WEB SERIES: "The Black Dawn"

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While we're waiting for the return of SF Heavy-Hitters on TV like "SGU" and "Lost" and (Sigh) technically, I guess, "Caprica," there's still plenty of original online genre content to keep us entertained.

One of the more interesting and ambitious series is "The Black Dawn" - a contemporary story about a plague that turns the sky black and kills 99% of all humanity.

It's been running for a while, but it's got a pretty regular production schedule, and I find I've gotten kind of involved in it. In fact, there's *two* "Black Dawn" series running:


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