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One Singularity Sensation: Humanoid Robots

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Creating robots that are as close to being human as possible is the current holy grail of robotics engineers.

Fantasies of sexbots aside, I'm not exactly sure why androids are so hot--I mean, most of the prototypes I've seen not only cross into the Uncanny Valley, but clear land and build a development.


Walt Disney was the Tibetan Tulpa

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When I saw Phil Dick for the last time, he was beside himself with glee, having recently received a fat check from his agent for film options on a long shopping list of novels and short stories, in every case for a figure in excess of what he had gotten for their original publications. In addition, the first in the series of optioned stories, Blade Runner, was nearing completion and Phil had seen the rushes and heartily approved of how it had turned out.


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