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TV REVIEW: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: "The Oath" (Season 4, Episode 13)

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Philip K. Dick once said that "Things show their true nature by how they decay." If that's the case, the people and society of Galactica is shown to have been pretty vile all along, based on what we've seen in these last three episodes. But back to this in a minute. More immediately: Wow!

Now that was a hell of an episode. Fan reaction has seemed pretty weak on the last two episodes, but I liked 'em myself. This one should be more of a crowd-pleaser, though, I think.


TV Review:Batman(TBATB):Fall of the Blue Beetle (spoiler lite)

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Okay. They had a hook and I bit, hard.
The Ted Kord version of the Blue Beetle has never been seen in animation due to rights issues springing from the sale of the character to DC from Charlton comics back in the '70's. So, for fans of the character, like your faithful Republibot 2, when I saw that the character would be featured in the new Batman (The Brave and The Bold) episode-- I was really enthusiastic...

Well, I was until we got to the middle of this episode.



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I'd love to say I loved this episode.
But thanks to technical and logistic problems, I can't.
Our CW affiliate had sound issues, and the closed captioning appeared and disappeared so fast that even I, Evelyn Woods graduate that I am, could not read the dialog.

  • I think the Martian Manhunter was shot
  • I think that they introduced Dan Turpin into the Smallville universe. (Ironic, since Darkseid possessed him in the Comics, and now he's worm-food. Does this mean we'll see Darkseid next season?)


Thoughts on the Premiere Episode of Lost, Season Five

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There are two kinds of lost fanatics: on the one hand, those who delve into its mysteries with Sherlock Holmsian passion in order to unlock the island’s secrets, and on the other hand, me. When I was first asked to write a chapter for an anthology on Lost a few years ago I decided to become the champion of the theory that no one else would champion: that the key to getting Lost is staying lost—that surrender to the joy of mystery is what makes Lost such a joy.



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Okay- they threw a lot at us, and I'm still struggling to process it all, and I'm tired beyond belief so this is going to be quick-

Everybody is unstuck in time (which isn't as fun as it sounds), those who stayed on the island are struggling to survive, those off the island are struggling to survive, the Oceanic Six's web of lies is contracting around them, Ben may be at least partially less evil than anticipated and death is apparently a good career move, if you don't mind being toted in the back of a carpet van.


TV REVIEW: Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Deadman

Okay, there were some Easter Eggs in this one, and Republibot 36-24-36 caught most of 'em.

First, a review.

It was good, well paced fun. Covered some nifty origin stuff and was creepy without scaring Republibot 2.4.... Since he's seven, he's a pretty good creepy barometer.

Hm. I don't mean that he measures zombie atmospheric pressure.

Or maybe I do.

Short- Gentleman Ghost buries Batman alive, and so he enlists Green Arrow and Speedy and recruits Boston "Deadman" Brand in his disembodied battle.



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