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TV REVIEW: Smallville: Legion

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According to the schedule, they are re-running this episode opposite Dollhouse and Caprica over on the WB CW.  It's notable for a couple of reasons:

  1. It's a really good episode
  2. It's written by Geoff Johns, who wrote the Smallville "Movie" Total Justice that is airing next week.

So I'm rerunning the review I wrote of it last year.  Don't sweat it, I'll also have Batman and a new Smallville review up tonight as well.

Okay. This is going to be a quick one. Impressive. Geoff Johns, noted comic writer, wrote this episode of Smallville and in doing so, he managed to address Smallville's noted departure from the Superman mythos, throw easter eggs and metacommentary in while maintaining and extending the Smallville universe. RECAP (minor spoilers)


EPISODE REVIEW: Flash Forward: “No More Good Days” (Season 1, Episode 1)

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Tonight begins premiere week (for us, anyway) with a big budget S-F show that will be compared to another extremely successful ABC show. How was it? How does it compare? And why is there a kangaroo?
Tons of spoilers after the jump


TV Review: Torchwood: The Children of Earth, Part 1

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Tonight begins the Torchwood miniseries "The Children of Earth" on BBC America. All the series regulars who were not blown to itty-bitty bits in the last series' finale seem to be present, so let's jump right into the play-by-play.



Teaser: 1965 Scotland-
There's a bus carrying young Scots somwhere in the middle of the night. A light appears and they all walk into the night

Torchwood, Day One


TV REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Next Doctor

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In 1984, I wandered (or was pushed) into a comic book store in Dallas, Texas. Among the bric-a-brac there were several bits of memorabilia that featured a bug-eyed man with a big grin, big hat and ridiculously long scarf. "That", someone explained to me, "Is. The. Doctor." In the next breath it was explained to me that although the name of the show is 'Doctor Who' , that is not the character's name, but an in-joke.

A show that had an obscure in-joke as it's name was too nifty an idea to pass up, so I started watching on the local PBS station- and was hooked.

Six Doctors later, I still am. So the prospect of a 'Next Doctor' intrigued me, so I watched the latest incarnation of the Doctor in this years Christmas special.
I'll try to keep this SPOILER free (or at least Spoiler light...)


TV REVIEW: Batman: The Brave and the Bold:Duel of the Double Crossers

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Lets just jump in, shall we? As always- Spoilers ho!

Teaser: Batman and the Outsiders take on Despero in the streets of Gotham. Although I like Katana as a Japanese Schoolgirl (who wouldn't?), not as crazy about Black Lightning as a kid in a hoodie. Reminds me too much of Static, honestly. The team takes down big, bad and fuschia and a good chunk of Gotham with it...
... so Batman restarts the simulation for the 24th time...

Roll Credits


TV Review:LOST: Follow The Leader (Season 5 Ep 15/101)

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Tonight's review is going to be brief... partly because there's not a lot to comment directly on, but also because I got some Republi-bifocals this evening and am having a hard time seeing to work. So...

I'm jumping straight to observations... go watch the ep on Hulu or something, it's worth it.

Observations: Richard really doesn't age, and doesn't have nearly the clue that you'd think he'd have. So his remarkable presence of mind seems to be the result of Locke telling him what to do...


Episode Review: LOST: The Variable

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On this, Republibotlet 2.2's birthday, I saw the most horrific thing I've ever seen a mother do to a son-- and quite a bit more.

Spoilers, ho!

Unfortunately, I may've missed a few things, so I'm counting on you folks to fill me in.

When I got the TV turned on after the mandatory 15 minutes of deguassing that the equipment requires after a presidential 'news conference', I saw that the Oceanic however-many were having a confab in Sawyer's cottage. Oh yeah... Daniel was trying to convince Dr. Chang to stop drilling for chronotons.



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