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Sandbagged: Star Wars Set In Peril, Blames Dune

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So there's this sand dune in Tunisia, see--which isn't so surprising, since Tunisia's a freakin' desert--and it's blowing along at what, for a sand dune, is an amazing speed, about 50 feet per year.  This in and of itself wouldn't be newsworthy--I mean, the English language is full of metaphors regarding the instability of sand, right?--only it's threatening to overwhelm the Tatooine set left behind by Lucasfilm after shooting the original Star Wars movie.



FAN FILM FRIDAY: Death Star Repairmen

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Not everybody on the Death Star got to wear snappy uniforms and run around with ginormous but ultimately ineffective laser weapons.


Some of them were there to make sure Governor Tarkin's coffee machine worked properly.


From Darryl Gold and his crew, "Death Star Repairmen."



Harrison Ford In Public Spat With Chewbacca

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I'm not sure how "real" this is. All I know is it's pretty strange!

Harrison Ford, being interviewed on the Jimmy Kimmel show to promote his new film "42," declines to answer any questions related to the upcoming "Star Wars" film, or his part in it.

Then things get really weird...

I...think he's kidding...he's kidding, right?


FAN FILM FRIDAY: Luke's Change, An Inside Job

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If you're fed up with all of those "investigative reporter conspiracy theory" documentaries slithering around the media, here's one that will get you chuckling.  Really well-done short using recycled clips to great advantage, by Graham Putnam.



Armchair Generals debating Star Wars Strategy

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Imagine armchair strategists debating the military tactics of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with the requisite 20/20 hindsight.

Nope, just read it here:

And the thoughful Generals respond here.


FAN FILM FRIDAY:Princess Leia joins the Disney Princesses

This clever musical number (yes, it is a musical. A Disney-esque musical) welcomes Princess Leia to the ranks of the Disney Princesses.

Whether you think the Disney acquisition of LucasFilm is a good idea or a bad one, there's a lot of wit and charm (and cheap jokes) here....



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