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Fan Film Friday:Star Wars Downunder, Complete!

From our Facebook Page... (you do "like" us on Facebook, right?) : this note-

Hi Republibot
A few months back you posted the trailer to Star Wars Downunder.
I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know the finished film is finally online.




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Now, this is more like it: a fan film that looks like it was put together on a shoestring budget, with craft paper and somebody's castoff shag carpet for costumes.


It's the goofy ebullience of the actors, as well as the ridiculous sight gags, that get "Star Sports" named as Republibot's Fan Film of the Week.


And we're not alone in our opinion--this short won the 2009 Official Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge.



FAN FILM FRIDAY: A Light In The Darkness

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With production values as good as any TV series, and a large volunteer crew to match, this award-winning, three-part fan film by P. J. Tamayo and Fed Wetherbee looks slick, sounds great, and has an interesting take on the "meanwhile, elsewhere in the galaxy" concept.



FAN FILM FRIDAY:Princess Leia joins the Disney Princesses

This clever musical number (yes, it is a musical. A Disney-esque musical) welcomes Princess Leia to the ranks of the Disney Princesses.

Whether you think the Disney acquisition of LucasFilm is a good idea or a bad one, there's a lot of wit and charm (and cheap jokes) here....


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