Spy Kids

MOVIE REVIEW: Spy Kids: All the Time in the World

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Allow me to begin by saying that I never saw any of the previous Spy Kids flicks. When the first one came out I was 21 and when the third one came out, I was 23, single and still very much childless. I am not the target audience. As an indie filmmaker myself (currently in pre-production of my first feature film submission for Sundance), I am, of course, a fan of Robert Rodriguez. His story, I hope, may someday be mine. A man with no money but vision and determination who forces the big Hollywood machine to shut up and take notice. Now, having said that, I must now say this: Robert Rodriguez has very much pimped himself out to the Hollywood beaurocracy he once scoffed at. Robert, if you're reading this, please hand in your indie card and allow El Mariachi to go out of print, because you ain't that dude any more.


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