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REAL SCIENCE: Ticket To Ride...To Mars

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Time to get your resumes in order, gang: nonprofit organization Mars One has opened up its application process for one-way tickets to the colony they hope to set up on Mars in 2023.

Mind you, it's going to be a permanent gig for whoever they select, so you'd better like the color red and desert views.


The Polynesian Plan

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Happy New Year!

Ok, enough pleasantries, let's get down to business. Obviously, if you're a regular reader of this site, you're familiar with the concepts of "Space Habitats" like Babylon 5 et al. (And if you're not, here's a quick review: )

As cool as trips to and colonies on the other planets and moons in our solar system may be, such habitats offer the best and safest hope of actually colonizing space. As much as I enjoy space exploration itself, Colonization is really a vastly more important goal, and the one that will have really long-ranging and profound effects on humanity and human civilization. Unfortunately, no spacefaring nation has ever even vaguely advocated this as a national goal, though the US has done several intensive studies of the idea, and I presume the Soviets did so as well. The most obvious and probably safest area to build one of these beasties would be in one of the LaGrange points ( ), ideally either L4 or L5, as they're the most stable. (L1 is semi-stable, L2 & L3 are stable on only 1 axis)


THIS USED TO BE THE FUTURE: L5 - The First City in Space

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Perhaps it's wrong to judge our outlook based on Youtube, but I have to suspect that what people put on there shows what people are thinking about, and if it doesn't exist on there already, they make it. If this is true, than a colossal failure of vision in our society is indicated by the near-total lack of stuff about Space Colonies on there, and in daily discussion. Click through to learn/see more. Or wallow in ignorance. Your choice, really.


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