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A Great Day For Writers: The Matrix is Ruled Plagiarism! [UPDATED]

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[PLEASE NOTE: This story was written in good faith using information that quickly turned out to be unreliable. A full explanation of this is available at the end of the article itself. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we apologize for unwittingly spreading misinformation. We will try to be less trusting and more cynical in the future.]

It's the oldest story in Hollywood: The Writer Gets Screwed. Repeatedly. Badly. And is left without recourse. Occasionally, however, the Writer gets un-Screwed, justice prevails, and there's a big fat payoff. [See the UPDATE/RETRACTION below the story. I'm leaving the story itself up for now so that you can see exactly what it is I'm retracting, and take full responsibility for my idiocy, but I'll probably take the whole thing down in a day or two. Thanks to Neorandomizer for pointing out my error]


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