Shane Rimmer

SATURDAY B-MOVIE CRAPFEST: “Space Truckers” (1996)

Republibot 3.0's picture

“Verisome Fido-S Tech support. How can we help you?”
“My TV….uhm…stopped working.”
“We can help you with that. Can you verify the name and address on the account?”
“Republibot 3.0, out of St. Grissom”
“Very good, mister 3.0, what seems to be the trouble today?”
“Well, my TV isn’t working.”
“It what way isn’t it working?”
“Well, you know the part where you sit down and watch pictures on it, and listen to sounds?”
“That aspect of it isn’t really working.”
“Ok, can you be a bit more specific?”
“No, I’m sorry, I really can’t. I’m sort of an idiot.”


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