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Everything Is Awesome: 50 States of LEGO

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Okay, so The Lego Movie was one of the best movies of the year, and the little bricks that could have been used for amateur films both real and CGI.  But here's a fun twist on the LEGO craze: Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen has done a photo-essay using the ubiquitous interlocking bricks to humorously depict the fifty US States in stereotypical tableaux.



FAN FILM FRIDAY: Luke's Change, An Inside Job

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If you're fed up with all of those "investigative reporter conspiracy theory" documentaries slithering around the media, here's one that will get you chuckling.  Really well-done short using recycled clips to great advantage, by Graham Putnam.



GI Joe Public Service Announcements

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In 1970 the Federal Communications Commission, acting under the direction of Congress, adopted new regulations regarding children’s programming. This was primarily done in reaction to Mattel’s “Hot Wheels” cartoon of 1969, which was met with stern opposition by various parental busybody organizations. These regulations effectively had three goals (1) Remove death and violence from all cartoons, (2) Cartoons can not be used as long-form commercials for toys, and (3) any cartoons produced after 1970 had to include educational content.


Meet The GI Joe Support Staff

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Duke: “You wanted to see me, General?”

General Hawk: “Actually, I sent for your replacement, Lt. Falcon, and he‘s already here…wait, aren’t you dead?“

Duke: “No, it was only a coma.”

Hawk: “Are you sure? I saw a snake eat your freakin’ heart!”

Duke: “Nope, I was saved by a voiceover and parental outrage at the death of Optimus Prime.”

Hawk: “Wow! Lucky Duck!”

Duke: “Don’t I know it! The writers had my idiot half-brother here taking over the team.

Falcon: “Hey! I’m right here, you know!”


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