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Hugo Gernsback and the Invention of the Science Fiction Megatext

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Hugo Gernsback is simultaneously one of the most revered and despised figures in the history of science fiction. He has been called "the father of science fiction" and the Hugos, the genre's most prestigious awards, are named after him. He was the guest of honor at the 1952 Worldcon.


MOVIE REVIEW: "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" (2004)

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Recently, “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” was playing down in St. Grissom, and as R2 and I both missed that film in it’s initial release, we decided to check it out. Enchanted by the thought of seeing a ‘new’(ish) Olivier flick, made only 15 years after he died!We knew it was a bomb, but we thought it might be an interesting and memoral bomb - like Blade Runner - and not a bland and pointlessly forgetable bomb - like Armed and Dangerous 2: Armed and Fabulous - so we figured it was a good way to blow an evening.


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