Monday Morning Rant: Solving The World's Problems

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I correspond on another forum board, where recently almost every discussion topic has erupted into a polticized shouting match. Since this other forum is normally a quiet haven from the usual vitriol one sees on the Internet, I felt deeply saddened by the way normally intelligent, friendly people were suddenly taking things out of context and going for each other's throats. For example, a thread on "Talk Like A Pirate Day" devolved into an angry debate over what to do about piracy in Somalia. The thread was eventually locked by one of the forum moderators.


REAL POLITICS: How Al Gore Got As Rich As Mitt Romney

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An Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore is rolling in the dough, even as he tries to guilt the rest of us into living like Neanderthals "for the good of the planet."

Stock trading--and not cattle--enormous speaking fees--paying himself over a million dollars' salary for "work" on a failing TV network he subsequently sold to Al Jazeera--investments in high technology--

Wotta guy! What a man of the people!



"How Do You Solve A Problem Like Korea?"

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Well, it's that time of the year again: the bean counters (or is that rice counters?) in North Korea are going through the books and taking note of the budget deficit, so the Exalted Leader has to go out and rattle his saber in order to get the rest of the sane world to pony up some hush money and help him meet his shortfall. When the Gross Domestic Product of your country is terror, this is what you do.


MOVIE REVIEW: 2016: Obama's America

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DISCLAIMER: We don't delve into blatant politics a lot here on The Bot. It isn't what we're about. We are, first and foremost, a science fiction fansite, and that's how we like it. We are, however, a politically-minded science fiction fansite. We don't get into politics often, but we do from time to time and this is one of those times. Usually when we do delve into political stuff, it's politics as it pertains to science fiction. This has nothing to do with science fiction, 2016: Obama's America is a purely political documentary.


Iran in Space: Why it Doesn’t Matter Much.

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Back in February 2009, Iran really joined the Spacefaring club, after several years of lying about it. This provoked a storm of outrage, pride, recriminations, and fear, which is pretty much the case whenever anyone does anything these days. Some people - liberals, too - have maintained that we (or the UN) should go in and shut down their space program, because Iran can’t be trusted to have access to space.


BEELINE TO THE FUTURE: The Death of the Open Internet

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The Economist points out that the Internet for the past few years has been remarkably open, allowing people to create a website, communicate with anyone in the world, and view information largely free from interference by government or large corporations (http://www.economist.com/node/16941635 ). The open Internet has led to innovations like Wikipedia, companies like Facebook, and even the destabilization of autocratic governments like Egypt.

According to The Economist, three forces now threaten the freedom of the Internet: 1) government 2) large corporations, and 3) network owners.


Vote Today

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Vote today.  I'm not going to appeal to your conscience (though that's a valid argument) or your  pocketbook (ditto) or your sense of civic responsibility (again,  valid)

This is about fairplay.  You have lost complaining rights if you don't take part in the process.  And you lose bragging rights as well.  And 'I told you so' rights.  And second guessing rights.  All these things that we hold dear are at risk if you don't vote.   So, go do it.

Unless you disagree with me, in which case there's probably a Three Stooges marathon somewhere that deserves your attention....


Faith and Reason and the Inhumane Failures of the Left

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Recently I was discussing the place of religion in society with a friend(?) from another country who's very leftist (By our standards, anyway, I have no idea how he measures up in his own country), and has absolutely no use for religion, apart from a tool to manipulate society, and a tool he finds it unseemly to use.

This got me to thinking why the Left beats that particular dead horse so often.



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