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I have an Amazon author's page now!

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Thanks to the walking miracle of robotechnology that is Dave, I now have an Amazon author's page. What this means is that my books are now all linked together on one page. All you have to do is put in my name and it takes you there, rather than having to surf all over creation to find my stuff.

Check it out here!


My son's first novel, "After Conquest," is now on Amazon

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My sixteen-year-old son just self-published his first full-length novel, called "After Conquest."

Despite his youth, everyone who's read the manuscript thus far has really, really liked it. He's got a style that's very different (And probably more accessible) than mine. The general consensus is that it's a really good book. Best of all, this is YA fiction, so it's clean. No bad language or sex or gore or what have you. (Unlike my books)


ORIGINAL FICTION: "An Unguarded Moment"

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I've written and/or co-written seven stories thus far this year, and I think this is the best one. A half dozen other people have told me the same thing.

Anything more I say about it would spoil it, so please do check it out here. That's me doing a rather faltering dramatic reading. (Mental note: don't attempt such things when you're gassy. You have to keep stopping the camera, and even when you're not belching you tend to randomly break words in half or use odd diction)  


Original Fiction: Brooders And Breeders

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This is a short story that R3 thought was too creepy to publish here--and if R3 thinks something's too creepy, then it probably is.  But I'll let you decide for yourselves...

"I love my wife.  Watching her body swell with the new life she was nurturing within her, is the most awe-inspiring sight I have ever beheld.  When I think of the great sacrifice she was making on behalf of our children, the future of our species, it makes me suffocate with emotion...


ORIGINAL FICTION: "The Last Gun Turret" by David Teach

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A clump of tumbled stones lay at the center of a small valley, far out in the arid desert; the remains of an ancient outpost, abandoned since the time of the last men. It was quiet and still, and it seemed all rather peaceful.

And so it was, while the gun turret watched.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "The Taking Tree" by Kevin Long (2013)

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The captain sat on a bench in a grassy clearing, looking at a huge tree, roughly a kilometer tall. He, and the grass, and the ridiculously large plant were inside an even more ridiculously huge geodesic dome a bit over nine kilometers across, and perhaps half that tall at its apex. There were smaller trees, plants, and flying animals, and bugs and rodents and bushes and walkways in there, as well as several of what appeared to be snack bars, though it was hard to be sure as they were buried under centuries of accumulated bird crap.



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