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BOOK REVIEW: “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book One, The Summer Sword” by Rick Riordan (2015)

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I'm fond of Rick Riordan. I used to read his books to my son when my son was little, and when he he learned how to read, the first thing he went for was Riordan's first “Percy Jackson” series. My son's got a penchant for Fantasy overy Science Fiction, and the books are (mostly) fun, but with some darkness here and there, and aimed pretty solidly at an eighth grade reader. Good Juvie Fiction, or as the hip kids call it these days, “Young Adult Fiction.” (I hate that name, BTW)



BOOK REVIEW: “Legends and Lore of the Americas before 1492” by Ronald H. Fritze (1993)

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This is just a fantastic book, and I can’t say enough good things about it. It is most emphatically *not* Science Fiction, but it is - somewhat accidentally - an excellent reference for fans of the Alternate History genre. Presumably it’d be good for writers as well. It’s hard to pour through this thing and not toy with constructing some “Mighta’been” worlds. Be ye Fen or Dane, however, this is just a fascinating, smart, and endlessly neat little reference.

“Ah, but what’s it all about?”


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