ORIGINAL FICTION: "Antarctic Dawn" by Neorandomizer

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On September 22 1979 at 00:53 GMT the American Vela Hotel satellite 6911 detected the telltale flash of a low yield nuclear detonation in the Indian Oceanm southeast of South Africa. No nations took responsibility for the blast. Due to a malfunction in the satellite’s other sensors, there was doubt as to whether or not the blast had actually happened.



ORIGINAL FICTION: "Visions of Sound" by Richard Anderson

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Amber Dawn Watez sat in a corner booth of the lounge, her drink forgotten as she read the latest test reports on project 1701. To an outside observer she was just staring off into space humming to herself, but in reality she was deep into the charts graphs and mathematical modeling of the report that were display on a pair of contact lens she wore. The Lenses made her eye color seem to shift every few seconds as she changed pages, a byproduct of the obsolete technology she was using.


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