Joseph Negra

Venus Rises, An Original SF Web Series

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A couple of years ago, Republibot 3 interviewed Joseph Negra, one of the actors in an original web TV series titled Venus Rises.  Created by Jason G. Birdsall, the series tells the story about a mining colony orbiting Venus that rebels against their upper-class masters who have colonized Mars after a series of cataclysmic events had left the Earth uninhabitable. 

With zero budget but a lot of love and determination, the series has finally become a reality.


INTERVIEW: Joseph Negra of “Venus Rises”

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Some of our readers may recall that back in May I posted an article on the site asking for any information about the "Venus Rises" web series that was in development a few years back, but seems to have kind of fallen off the radar recently. ( ) The same day that story went up, we were contacted by Joseph Negra, an actor from the series, who gave us a heads up on the state of the project, and he's kindly agreed to be with us today for an interview. Joseph, thank you very much for being here!



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