I Bet It's On The Millennium Falcon...

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The Husband was doing an image search of bomber nose art for a drawing he was working on, when he stumbled across this picture, which we felt was just too funny not to share with you all...


CHEAP SPACE: How To Make A Home-Made Space Shuttle

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Since NASA's budget keeps getting slashed, they may want to take a cue from the guys at BBC's Top Gear TV show, and try a bit of recycling for the next phase of their reusable orbiter program.


We can only hope that their version would work a little better...



Danger 5: The Diamond Girls

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I was just debating the work week ahead of me unhappily and then felt like I needed cheering up and then jumped out to YouTube to check if there was anything new in my subscriptions and came across a trailer for the next Danger 5 series and realized that we never shared the first series.


CEREAL REVIEW: Star Trek: The Cereal

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Box FrontBox Front
I honestly didn't know if I wanted to review this cereal. So much had gone before- and let's face it- Trek had let me down. But there were so many questions: Would this cereal be tied in with the unwwieldy beast of Trek Continuity? Would it stand alone as not just a good tie in, but a great cereal of it's own?

I had to find out.


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