Gene Roddenberry

Who Ruled 1960s SF On Television? The Answer May Enrage You...

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When you think about science fiction on TV, probably, like most people you think of Gene Roddenberry. This means that probably, like most people, you don’t watch a lot of repeats, because Roddenberry was a shameless self-promoter who lucked into a lucrative franchise by passing off other people’s ideas as his own, but when all is said and done, he really only had one show at a time when a zillion other shows in the genre were running. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that those other shows were mostly crap, but a large - and unsung - part of the success of Trek was that it was running in contrast to the crappy shows. Compared to Dr. Kildaire or Gunsmoke, Trek looked pretty damn lame, but compared to Lost In Space and Stingray, it looked glorious indeed.


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