ON FURRIES: The Pot Calling The Kettle Cracked

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Most of us had a favorite stuffed animal growing up. Some of us still collect "plushies." They're cute, they're harmless, they provide comfort and remind us of our less-frantic and more innocent childhood.

So why do so many people get totally freaked out by the idea of guys going to conventions and parading around town while dressed up like gigantic stuffed animals?

What's wrong with "Furries?"


INTERVIEW: Scott Kellogg of "21st Century Fox"

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Good morning, and welcome to Republibot! Today we're interviewing Kelloggs2066, known to the world of men as "Scott Kellogg." If you're a regular visitor to our site, you've no doubt seen him all the frack over the place in the past few weeks, cranking out lots of
conversations and insightful observations on pretty much everything on our site. He's a chatty one, but in addition to that he's also been running a successful and well-regarded Web Comic "21st Century Fox" for the last twelve years or so. (Website: http://techfox.comicgenesis.com/ )


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