What the hell is Blade Runner all about?

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Blade Runner (1982) is unquestionably the seminal SF film of its generation. From the stunning visuals to the bang-on performances, to the casual effects, to the enigmatic symbolism, it is basically the magical heaven of all Noir. It was like every broody existental detective film based on a book by Hammett, Chandler, and the rest had been a mere precursor, and Blade Runner was the culmination of the entire genre. It is rightfully an unquestioned classic.


What the hell is it all about, though?



FAN WANKERY: A Galactica 1980 Reboot

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Ok, so here's a fun one that no one ever talks about:

Galactica 1980 sucked worse than anything that had ever sucked before. No question about it. So let's imagine we're going to reboot it in a way that *doesn't* suck.  How would you go about it?

Here's the original Glen Larson concept  for G-80which, needless to say, didn't make it onscreen:

The Galactica finds earth. It's 5 years after the final episode of the original show. They quickly realize that earth is too primitive to defend itself against the Cylons, so the Council of the 12 debate what to do.


R2'sDay:(Doctor) Who was the Curator?

Okay, this is esoteric, speculative and geeky. It's also borderline fanfic (something I really try to avoid).

Since there's a possibility that one or two of you haven't seen "The Day of the Doctor", I'm going to engage the Spoiler Countdown ™ , pat. pending, your mileage may vary wildly.




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Baker, C....


Baker, T....






FANWANKERY: If Stardates mean anything at all, how do we go about figuring out what it is?

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Welcome to "Fanwankery," the infrequently-scheduled feature here on Republibot where we prove our geek creds by taking something that is completely useless to begin with, and pouring over it in ridiculous detail until everyone shoots themselves in the head rather than hear any more of it. What can I say? I'm Oldschool.



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Pretty much since the day the new Galactica ended (Badly) rumors have been spreading around about how the original series creator, Glenn Larson, is trying to do a theatrical Galactica film that’s unrelated to the re-imagined series. Initially, these rumors were a tiny bit unclear as to whether he was going to try to continue the Original 1978/’79 series story, or if this was going to be a completely new story, revisiting the original premise with the hindsight of 30 years.


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