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FAN FILM FRIDAY:Princess Leia joins the Disney Princesses

This clever musical number (yes, it is a musical. A Disney-esque musical) welcomes Princess Leia to the ranks of the Disney Princesses.

Whether you think the Disney acquisition of LucasFilm is a good idea or a bad one, there's a lot of wit and charm (and cheap jokes) here....


FAN FILM FRIDAY (Now Available On Mondays!): How Original Are You Allowed To Be?

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I like fan films. I like 'em a lot. There's an earnestness to 'em and a flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants DIY quality that is hard for me to ignore. It shines through the most awful acting, the most cardboard sets, the most poorly matted CGI. Have you noticed how similar a lot of them are, though? Of course, given their nature it's a kind of 'well, duh' thing to call them derivative. Even still, I find myself wondering exactly how original you can really get in these things before you lose your audience.



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