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NEWS: Tennant 's Doctor "Not Dead Yet"

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David Tennant isn't quite done playing the Doctor.
Even though he's handing the role off to Matt Smith later this year, he's still making a couple of notable appearances as the Doctor.

First, he will be in a couple of episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures, the Who spin-off starring Elisabeth Sladen as the Doctor's former companion, Sarah Jane Smith.


BREAKING NEWS:BBCAmerica to Air 'Doctor Who' specials

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In a move that is mildly surprising, the American arm of the BBC (fittingly named BBC America) will be the network to premiere the five Doctor Who inter-season specials starring David Tennant before his character morphs into an even younger actor. (At this rate, he'll be played by a toddler in a couple of regenerations)
Variety's story here

Translation for those for whom Variety's abuse of the English language is intolerable:


(BREAKING NEWS) New Doctor Announced!

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The new Actor to play the next incarnation of the Doctor has been named- it's British actor Matt Smith, the youngest actor to ever play the role. As soon as I can filter through all the noise, I'll find a picture and post it.

(Matt Smith? What, they couldn't find a John Smith?)

UPDATE: Found Picture. .

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