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Meanwhile, in the TARDIS II

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Today's video takes place between "Flesh and Stone" and "Vampires of Venice"...  Amy is really putting the moves on the Doctor, and we get a bigger sense of why adding Rory to the mix was absolutely crucial.  That, and a cool retrospective of the Doctor's many comely companions..... Helloooooo Leela!


Meanwhile, in the TARDIS I

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On the new BBC Doctor Who Season 5 Blu Ray release, there are a few goodies.  The Beeb has been nice enough to let us link to 'em.  The first is a deleted scene that takes place between the Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below... and it explains (sortof) the TARDIS' appearance




SONG OF THE WEEK: "The Old Rugged Cross" from Doctor Who (2006)

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This is not an FMV or fan edit, this entire thing is an unexpectedly moving scene from one of the goofier episodes of the new Dr. Who.

I've always loved this hymn, I've always thought it was beautiful, but I suspect this probably played out considerably more emotionally in the UK than in the 'States. (Most Americans I know felt the scene either dragged on, or was entirely inappropriate because "There won't be religion in space." I never really understood that kind of thinking) Back during World War II, during the Battle for Brittain, and in the closing days of the war, when the V2s were coming in, the population used to ride out the attacks in the city's sprawling subway tunnels.



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