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Doctor Who returns tonight

Doctor Who begins its 7th season (or 33rd, depending on who's doing the counting) tonight. In preparation for this year's confrontations with Daleks, Dinosaurs and Weeping Angels (oh, my!), the Beeb has produced this webseries- entitled "Pond Life".

I will have my review of "Asylum of the Daleks" up as soon as possible after the US airing.


DVD MOVIE REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Movie (Fox, 1996)

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As I've stated elsewhere on this site, I'm not a rabid Doctor Who fan, but I am a fan. I was only nine-years-old when the show's original run ended, and I wasn't a fan of British stuff when I was a kid (everyone talked funny, after all). When I was 25 the show was relaunched and, having long ago given up my prejudice of how Brits talk (though they do still talk funny), I gave the show a chance. I was immediately hooked and watched the show every chance I got. Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor (there have been NINE?!) was phenomenal, and Rose was hot.


FAN FILM FRIDAY: Roundup: Fan Trailers

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Trailers are a popular format for fan films. They allow a fan to show the broad strokes of an idea in a short and accessable form, without the hassle of creating a full version. Recuts, which are made primarily from existing footage, allow all this to be done by one (very dedicated) fan entirely on his or her computer. Join me after the jump for three impressive examples of this genre.



EPISODE REVIEW: Doctor Who: "The Wedding of River Song" (Series 6 Finale)

Last night, we had a moment that would never end, a love that would destroy space-time and a question that must never be asked.

But was it any good?
Spoilers, sweetie...
(okay, that just sounds gay when I say it...)


BOOK REVIEW: "The Coming of the Terraphiles" by Michael Moorcock (2010)

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I generally avoid “media novels,” such as Star Trek or Star Wars tie-ins because I think they harm the genre by taking shelf space away from original SF and F; however, I could not resist picking up Michael Moorcock’s Dr. Who novel because I’ve been an avid reader of Moorcock since my teenage years, and I’ve recently started watching Dr. Who via Netflix.


A Special Tuesday Edition of FAN FILM FRIDAY: Kelvington gets a nod on BBC-America

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Our old buddy Kelvington is a master of the mashup, a phenomenon of the fan-edit, and he's been a great friend to our site, as well (And he did the album cover art for my brother's band recently as well). Some of you may recall that we interviewed him a while back
( ) and, as always, his projects are interesting and fun to behold.

Click through to behold it!



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