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FAN FILM FRIDAY:Blah Blah Blah Daleks

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This is a weird little animated Doctor Who parody, and I say weird because the animators chose to leave a few crucial bits out, like the upper arms of the characters, and...well, their mouths.  That does make it easier to animate, but I'm not sure it wins any points for style. 


FAN FILM FRIDAY: Gallifrey Trock

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There's a whole genre of music, called trock, devoted to songs inspired by Doctor Who.

This one gets points for originality, if not for slick production values.  Or the quality of his voice.  (For my money, Weird Al Yankovic did the definitive parody of this song...)


R2’s Day: On Reviews

From nearly day one here on the ‘bot, we’ve reviewed stuff.  I mean stuff.  Lots of stuff- T.V. Shows, Movies, Video Games,  Board Games, Fan Films, Books, Toys…  we’ve watched/played/read things so that you, our loyal readers,  could make informed decisions or, in some cases,  incite discussion.


It’s not easy.



R2's Day: Capaldi's new duds

If you haven't seen the sartorial splendour that seems to have rent the very essence of the internet in twain, then avert your eyes.   I will reveal for you the long (well, not so long, really) awaited (really, we were waiting for this?) 12th (???) Doctor's Ensemble....


R2'sDay:(Doctor) Who was the Curator?

Okay, this is esoteric, speculative and geeky. It's also borderline fanfic (something I really try to avoid).

Since there's a possibility that one or two of you haven't seen "The Day of the Doctor", I'm going to engage the Spoiler Countdown ™ , pat. pending, your mileage may vary wildly.




( )



Baker, C....


Baker, T....






An Adventure In Space And Time

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Being busier than a one-armed paperhanger, I just got around to watching "An Adventure In Space And Time," the BBC's docu-drama detailing the inception and first few seasons of "Doctor Who."

I have mixed feelings about this show. On the one hand, I thought they did an excellent job re-creating the sense of time and place of 1963. On the other hand, it was painful to watch David Bradley's portrayal of William Hartnell, the original Doctor.



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