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"The War Against The Chtorr:" A Review of the Series (Updated)

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I’ve finished reading The War Against the Chtorr series, unfinished as it is.

I think they are probably best read, with long pauses between them, as they were originally published. By the end of the "last" book, I was sure tired:
Tired of worms, tired of war, tired of annoying self help gurus. Tired of... every... damn..... character...


Really Successful SF Authors Who's Work Has Inexplicably Never Made It To The Big Screen

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Last Week I ranted a bit about how Hollywood never makes intelligent SF movies. I totally understand their reticence to shoot for the top, and make intelectual SF films, but they could at least shoot for the middle now and again.

Today I'm gonna' give a list of authors who've got solid, smart work that would hold people's interest without going over the line in to bewildering people or intelectually overpowering them. None of this stuff is dumb, none of these authors are dumb, but at the same time it's stuff that would be accessible by the common person.



Phase II Crew takes on Buck Rogers

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According to a story on TrekMovie.com (beware, minor Phase II spoilers...), James Cawley of Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II and his production company has acquired the rights to do a web series based on "Buck Rogers". This iteration of the venerable hero is to be set in it's original mileu and concept: Buck Rogers is (again!) a WWI pilot who awakes from suspended animation in the 25th Century.


FanFilm Review: Star Trek: Phase II "Blood and Fire, Part 1"

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I saw 'Blood and Fire' the day after it hit the 'nets. If the goal was to inspire thought... well, it succeeded. In fact, I'm going to hold a bit of my reactions back, because when looking at a two-part story, it's only fair to review it as a whole. So consider this a mostly spoiler-free mini review of what we have so far.


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