FAN FILM FRIDAY:Blah Blah Blah Daleks

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This is a weird little animated Doctor Who parody, and I say weird because the animators chose to leave a few crucial bits out, like the upper arms of the characters, and...well, their mouths.  That does make it easier to animate, but I'm not sure it wins any points for style. 


Worthwhile Webcomics: Second Empire, by "Mechmaster"

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A friend of ours pointed this comic out to my husband a few days ago, and ever since then he's been holed up in the computer room, avidly absorbing this CGI graphic novel about a rogue Dalek general who incites a civil war on Skaro.

There are also animated versions of the comic strips up on YouTube, and I can honestly say that the artwork is, at times, quite stunning. Some of the scenes look more like model work than amateur computer graphics animations, the way the light and shadow and reflections play on the surfaces of the Daleks.


FAN FILM FRIDAY: Mighty Morphin Dalek Rangers

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Continuing our tribute to the venerable BBC TV series "Doctor Who," we have this cute little mash-up. It's not the only clip to notice the uncanny resemblance of the multi-colored Daleks to characters from an earlier series, but it's probably got the best editing of the lot--it almost looks like the Beeb did it intentionally.


Episode Review: Doctor Who:"Victory of the Daleks" (Episode 759)

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Well, it was inevitable. Every Doctor has to encounter the Daleks, I'm just glad that they got it out of the way fairly quickly this time.

Was it worth watching? Well, yes. I won't force you to read my ramblings to find out if it's worth your valuable time.
Was it brilliant?

That, I'll make you take the leap for...


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