Is It Just Me, Or Are The Palm Pre Commercials Simultaneously Creepy and Annoying?

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This probably has nothing to do with Science Fiction, per se, but I honestly can’t figure out the Palm Pre commercials on TV. Of course I can’t really figure out the “Chat with Tech Support” feature on my computer, so that’s probably not terribly surprising, but even still I find these commercials more inscrutable than most. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s one here:

And another


CONTEST:(UPDATED) Come up with a decent storyline for Asteroids: The Motion Picture!

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UPDATE: I will be closing this contest on July 16th at Midnight! Enter by putting your quick-and-dirty treatment for Asteroids: The Motion Picture into the comments thread! As usual, the judging criteria are completely arbitrary, so make me laugh! Make me cry! I'm not above bribery!


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