ORIGINAL FICTION: "Climbers" (Chapter Twenty-Eight)


Perhaps before I continue, you should go back and re-read that very first chapter. Yes, the one where Ray Meadows fell asleep in a tree. I can wait. Matter of fact, I think I'll go fix a cup of tea while you do that. By the time you're done, the tea will be gone and we can both continue. That first chapter will now bring you right back to where we are in the story. I'll pick it up from there when you're ready.

You're back? Great. Let's get on with it then.


ORIGINAL FICTION: "Climbers" (Chapter Twenty-Six)

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CHAPTER TWENTY SIX- And hello to oblivion.

The rest of the week was a wild ride for all concerned- with the possible exception of Barbara Meadows. She was released the following day and after a smooth, quiet ride to her parent's home, was managing a rapid recovery in relative obscurity. Steve Vaan, on the other hand, felt as though he owed someone a big E ticket for his thrill ride to England. It was like Splash Mountain meets the Tower of Terror. The Adalynne pulled out of port in Bermuda, intending to outrun the hurricane. It did, but just barely.



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