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MOVIE REVIEW: "Superman/Shazam! The Return of Black Adam" (2010)

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The title of this DVD is misleading because instead of primarily being a Superman-Shazam teamup, it's actually a collection of four DC showcase animated shorts about Captain Marvel, The Spectre, Green Arrow, and Jonah Hex. These mini-features show 2nd-tier DC characters in their own adventures, an interesting idea that DC will hopefully show us more of.


Episode Review:Batman: The Brave and the Bold:"The Siege of Starro, part one"

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From the beginning of time, there have been villains….


So begins the narration on tonight's episode of The Brave and the Bold.  Too bad it also describes how long it's been since the last episode.


Let's dive in and see if it was any good!


Episode Review: Batman: The Brave and the Bold": The Power of Shazam! (Season 2, Episode 10)

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Tonight, a heaping portion of Big Red Cheese! How is Captain Marvel portrayed, and can they fit him into the DC universe as shown in Batman: The Brave and The Bold?

Well, let's find out!


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