BEELINE TO THE FUTURE: Is Your Job Robot Proof?

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People don’t take me seriously when I tell them that robots will be taking over many jobs in the next five to ten years, but I keep running into more and more information suggesting I’m right. Businessweek has an article, “The Robot in the Next Cubicle,” which describes a robot that costs $350,000 and can “deliver mail, pour coffee, and recognize its co-worker’s faces” (


BREAKING NEWS: Disney Acquires Marvel

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As reported by multiple sources, Disney has bought Marvel Entertainment, including the comics and the movie divisions for about $4 billion.

Though Marvel has distribution deals with about a half dozen studios right now (Fox (X-Men), Sony (Spider-Man), Paramount (Iron Man/Avengers), etc), Disney seems unconcerned about this and is apparently in it for the long haul.

I personally think that the Marvel U could stand a little Disney-style lightnening-up.

Looking forward to the Fantastic Four Pixar movie... oh wait. That was already done...


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