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Bad Movie Review: Arthur and the Invisibles

We want to welcome Dennis Nedry to our family of reviewers. He comes to us from the most excellent And he has some thoughts on a movie that I'm glad I missed... [ed. RB2]

I wanted to go and see Hot Fuzz, the latest Simon Peg comedy, but because I have young children, I had to sit though Arthur and the Invisibles as Hott Fuzz is a 15, and the former is a U.



Here begins our new feature on really bad "made for TV" (or they should've been) Sci-Fi shlockfests. Since nothing says 'Shlockfest' like a Baldwin Brother and the Hot Redhead from '24' (except maybe Republibot 36-24-36's cousin Ira), we begin with EARTHSTORM and our special mystery guest contributor. Some say he sleeps inside out. Others say that he has a watch that tells time by morse code. All we know is we call him.... Fred! [-Editor (RB2)]

Earth VS the Giant Space Rice Krispies!


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