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BOOK REVIEW: "Frontier Earth" Allegedly by Bruce Boxleitner, but really by William Keith (1999)

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The Republispouse was looking to get me some gag gifts for Christmas this year, and stumbled across a couple of novels "By" Bruce Boxleitner in the local Family Dollar. With it's lurid cowboy front cover that would make Louis L'amour wince, and it's Babylon 5 Promotional Photo rear cover showing Boxleitner in an Earthforce uniform, flashing his "Hi, I'm Handsome!" smile, it is just one painfully embarrassing book to be seen holding in public.


SF MUSIC: Did Christopher Franke rip off Vangelis?

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Driving in the car the other day, listening to "The City" by Vangelis, I noticed something. Firstly, I noticed this is one of his lesser outings - far inferior, to, say, Direct - and that it had been 10 or 15 years since I'd even bothered to listen to it. Secondly, I noticed a theme that comes in about three minutes into the final track on the album, "Procession"



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I've been burned by this at least seven times before (The TNT movies, Legend of the Rangers, Crusade, The Memory of Shadows, Lost Tales, and the abortive reboot from two years back) that I know of, and probably a few more that I don't know about, so I don't honestly believe that Babylon 5 is coming back.

That said, JMS has said that B5 is coming back as a big-screen movie with a $100-200 million budget by the end of 2016.


Babylon 5 appears in a Samsung Commercial! (And Trek, too. And The Jetsons...)

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Samsung's "Galaxy Gear" watch came out last year. It's basically a cellphone you wear on your wrist. This is basically a daydream people have had since Dick Tracy's Two-Way Wrist Radio, and it's always been the stuff of Science Fiction.

Samsung knows this (Or at least their advertising firm does) and so they put together a commercial that's nothing but clips of people talking into their wrists from a dozen SF shows and movies.

Babylon 5 turns up! Twice!


The Babylon 5 Novels That Never Were….Except For The One That Was, And Then Got Pulled

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Once upon a time there was a little TV show called “Babylon 5” which was the best SF show of the ‘90s, no matter what Sheldon says, and it totally was not a rip off of DS9. In fact DS9 was a ripoff of B5. But I digress.


Modern Storytelling vs Old Style.

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The subject of how TV series stories used to be episodic, versus today's multi-story arcs, popped up in the discussion on "Where Star Trek started to go wrong", and I thought about addressing it there, but then I thought it deserved its own discussion.


Each style has its good points, and its bad points. I'd like to explore them now.


An Interview With J. M. Straczynski

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Ginrummy pointed our noses at this Slashdot interview with J. Michael Straczynski, in which he answers questions from a Web audience about his works and creative process.

Also from Slashdot: Straczynski, in collaboration with the Wachowskis of "The Matrix" fame, are producing a new SF thriller for Netflix, titled Sense8:



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