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EFFORTLESSLY INTERESTING: A history of Nuclear War in Fiction

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Welcome to "Effortlessly Interesting," the feature that's just filling space between reviews of cartoons and movies no one cares about.

This time out, I give you this link to a comprehensive digest (though it's a bit old) of Nuclear War as it tends to show up in fiction (Both SF and 'Dane). This is actually pretty cool in an arcane sense as it reflects what people's opinions on the subject were at given times.


Episode Review: Smallville: Pandora

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In the fast moving teaser, Lois is comatose from the Clark kiss, kidnapped by Tess and strapped into a convenient but oh-so-implausible memory viewer machine. We see her memories of the future- a desolate Metropolis, a large black Kryptonian with powers and a Red Sun…

And Clark's 'S' shield T-Shirt, hanging from a flagpole… tattered and waving in the breeze…

Gee, that was good and dense. How 'bout the rest of the episode?
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Post-Apocalysm, -or- How America Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

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In our recent roundtable discussion, it turned out that Republibot 2.0 *really* doesn’t like The Road Warrior. He doesn’t like post-apocalyptic movies. I mean, he *really* doesn’t like them. In our long and storied history together, I’ve only rarely come across this kind of thing from him, and when I do it’s generally rather interesting.


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