Everything Is Awesome: 50 States of LEGO

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Okay, so The Lego Movie was one of the best movies of the year, and the little bricks that could have been used for amateur films both real and CGI.  But here's a fun twist on the LEGO craze: Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen has done a photo-essay using the ubiquitous interlocking bricks to humorously depict the fifty US States in stereotypical tableaux.


OPINION:What Green Lantern Taught Me About American Exceptionalism

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While watching Green Lantern:First Flight the other day, with intent to review (That sounds almost like a crime: "Watching with intent to review")(in some cases, it may actually BE a crime), something kept distracting me. Not that it's a bad movie- that's not it at all- it was a very good movie that has something to say about the American condition.


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