Falling Skies: "At All Costs" (Season 3, Episode 4)

The show still seems to be doing decent in the ratings, but from a creative standpoint, this episode felt like rock bottom. Some of it was actually funny bad.

Last week’s big cliffhanger? The attack the Espheni finally launched? It lasts all of about two minutes. The Volm shoot down five fighters in formation, a whole five from the Espheni’s ovewhelming attack, and “that’s all, folks.” In fairness, however, there were hints that more interesting carnage happened off screen. That’s an old pattern by now.


FAN FILM FRIDAY: Interview with Rob Hampton of 70's Kids

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Rob Hampton is a director and editor in LA, but thirty-odd years ago he was just a kid in Massachusetts with a Super 8 camera. Recently, he's been going over his earlier work, adding some modern enhancements (like sound,) and posting them on YouTube.

Join us after the jump for the story of this project, three decades in the making!



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Theorizing that one could time travel within the last eight minutes of someone else’s lifetime, Captain Colter Stevens stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished.  He awoke to find himself trapped on a train, facing a mirror image that was not his own and driven by an unknown bomb to blow up in a violent explosion.  Now, Captain Stevens must continue re-living those eight minutes until he can figure out who planted the bomb and prevent him from detonating a meaner, dirtier nuclear bomb in the present. 


All Quantum Leap jokes aside...


Episode Review: V – We Can't Win (Season 1, Episode 8)

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Ok, this is really late and I apologize – I will have last week’s up tomorrow and then back on Tuesday with the new episode… possibly. Hopefully. All I can say is that, work has been crazy and it is still snowing here in Utah. And I just had a KFC Mashed Potato Bowl and a root beer float. Not that you need to hear about my deteriorating eating habits and lack of physical fitness. Anyway, Comcast says: “We Can’t Win – Chad and Anna visit Geneva, Switzerland, with Anna toting a technological gift to present at the UN Energy Summit; Erica discovers that the V Task Force is looking into the Fifth Column; trust issues and baby worries prompt Valerie to go on the run.”

Let’s deal with this after the jump and I promise not to dwell on lack of a life.


BREAKING NEWS: 'Alien' Prequel confirmed

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Dark Horizons is reporting that Tony Scott has confirmed that he and his brother, Ridley, are producing a prequel to the Alien franchise through their production company, Scott-Free productions. Director Carl Rinsch is attached and they intend to be shooting by year's end.

More as it develops...


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