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Vote Today

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Vote today.  I'm not going to appeal to your conscience (though that's a valid argument) or your  pocketbook (ditto) or your sense of civic responsibility (again,  valid)

This is about fairplay.  You have lost complaining rights if you don't take part in the process.  And you lose bragging rights as well.  And 'I told you so' rights.  And second guessing rights.  All these things that we hold dear are at risk if you don't vote.   So, go do it.

Unless you disagree with me, in which case there's probably a Three Stooges marathon somewhere that deserves your attention....


EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: "Harvest" (Season 10, Episode 6)

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"Are you kidding? It's like dating a God… or Bono!"- Lois Lane
I'm glad Lois was enthusiastic about this episode, because I really wasn't.

Why do I think this is this season's first clunker?
Well, look no farther.
(Maybe a little farther. Click that link to see what I mean)


EPISODE REVIEW: The Event : "Loyalty" (Season 1, Episode 6)

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Tonight, we get some subtle world building and an imploding building.  What more can you ask from primetime NBC?


Oh, maybe a semi allegorical drama about the relationship between King David and King Saul.  (NO.  I'm not bitter... not at all)


Sorry.  This is about The Event.  What Event that is, I'm still not sure..... but let's see if we can figure that out.


All this and Ice Pirates too!  It's Amazing!


EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: "Isis" (Season 10, Episode 6)

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After last week's stunning ratings victory (Smallville won it's time slot.  Really rare for a CW show), we get some more movement on the Lois and Clark and the Blur relationship front.

So, with the magic words: "Oh, Mighty Isis", school teacher Andrea Thomas 

oops. Reporter Lois Lane becomes the goddess Isis...

(But this time, she doesn't have to recite a rhyme to fly...)


EPISODE REVIEW:Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "Emperor Joker"

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Tonight we have adaptations of two comics stories- reasonably faithful ones at that.  

Problem is, they are so psychedelic that they defy my feeble abilities to explain them...


Can R2 conquer this challenge?  

Well, go look!



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